Teens - Girls

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Aasha Dev
we are out of town: 6/30-7/9 7/16-24 8/10-16
Abigail Cochran
Alexia Kerwick
Allegra O Brien
Amelia Hoffman
Angeline Skye
Anna Rufina
Ariana Brown
Arianna Tillman
Aujenee Douglas
Beatrice Sandri
Independent studies- class Thursdays only
Blair Chapman
Celeste Javier
Charlotte Lim
Chiara Guarducci
Chloe Parmelee
Dalia Riad
Daly Willett
Devin Werder
Devyn Holt
Elizabeth Lilly
Ella Speckhart
Elliott Rose Abrams
Evelyn Erdmann
Flora Loose
Francesca Fee
Gianna Perez
Gillian Alaire
Grace Rickey
Grace Robinson
Hollis Belger
Jessie Schwartz
Jordan Westfall
Jubilee Adams
Julia Knights
Julia Cannizzaro
Kaitlyn Dias
Kaitlyn Kennedy
Kaitlyn Washburn
Katelyn Wayland
Kattie Lynne Cramblet
Kelly Clifford
Kiana Ward
Kira Sarria
Kyndal Todd
Logan Citroen
Lucia Hoopes
Lucy Rutherford
Lyle Belger
Madi Chicas
B/O july 12-29th,Email manager
Madison Juni
Mariana Garcia
Marlo Nanola
Mayari Bilbao
Meredith Leo
College in Rocklin
Mia Agbayani
Morgan Laurant Moseley
Natalie Wu
Olivia Cooke
Away at college
Olivia Moore
Pfifer Chastain
Phife MacGabhan
Piper Tonne
Rebecca Cochran
Riley Werder
Riley Sabina
San Diego
Rose Walker
Ryan Stretch
in San Diego, submit on self tape or over $1200
Sasha Erves
Siena Blair
Skyler Jolie
Sofia Donna
Sophia M
Sophia Garcia
Sorelle Holsen
Sydney Wayland
Talya Satkin
Available also for LA projects
Tatum Crocker
Virginia Shipp
Zoe Brown

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Languages and Accents
Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
Miscellaneous Skills and Attributes

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