Kids - Girls

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Non responsive
Aaliyah Nelson
Brothers Thomas and Elias
Adele Coleman
Sister is Jasi
Ajia Coley
Will go to LA for bookings
Alexis Wanguhu
Strict Covid regulated studios only or outside -Siblings Mirielle and Isabelle-
Alina Jean-Gilles
Brother is Isaac
Althea Topp
Amaya Masoli
Krysta Rod daughter
Amilia Cortez
Anabelle Tene
Sister is Zoe
Ares Villano
Ari Hayes
Arielle Earthly
Has sister Etta and brother Arlo
Arya Colon
Has brother Brady
Ava Cook
Ava Wigginton
Advanced dancer
Ava Miri
Twin- Briley sibling Rusteen Family
Avery Rusteen
Bailey Kalinoski
Bennett Anthony
Bianca Rosenthal
Blakely Frink
Twin- Avery- sibling Rusteen Family
Briley Rusteen
Brooklyn Strugar
Brooklynn Zucker
Cameron Anthony
Camila Carlisle
Orange County July 3- August 8 will come back for bookings and avail for LA
Campbell Carmichael
Celai West
Has brother Romeo and sister Isabel
Chanel Harris
Charlee Patenaude-Greene
Charli Troutner
Charlie Allen
Sister is Coco- Need updated Measurements
Charlie Newhoff
Asked for updates KK- brother is Hudson
Chloe Faust
Chloe Hudson
Chloe Frink
Clarissa Phiri
Sister is Charlie- Need updated measurements
Coco Newhoff
Eden Findrick
Elena Mattos
In LA - borther Caleb- Mom is Mele S
Eliana Schneider
Brother is Grayson
Elle McElreath
Ellery Lung
Brother Wyatt
Emerson Macaulay
sister is riley
Emerson Liu
Emery Grace
larger sized for her age
Emily Steele
Emma Berman
Emma Rose Rodriguez
Sister Evanui
Enelei Malili
Has sister Arya and brother Arlo
Etta Gray Colon
Sister Enelei
Evanui Manuia
Brother is Zaq
Eziah Best
has brother Nicky
Frankie Flanigan
Gabriella Flores
Grace Rutherford
Twin sister - Rhea Mallory
Greta Mallory
Hadley Swanner
Sister is Havana
Harlem Sancristobal
Twin is Rowan- Only outdoor shoots - no studio during COVID
Harper Pham
Has braces- sister is Harlem
Havana .
Open to LA Opportunities
Heaven Johnson
Isabella Uppal
Isabelle Tseng
Strict Covid regulated studios only or outside -Siblings Alina and Mirielle
Isabelle Jean-Gilles
Isla Pullin
Twin of Aston
Isla Vanchieri
Sister is Ajia
Jasi Gaviola
2 brothers Jhaymes and Dhaevyd Primavera
Jeylei Hernandez
Jordan Brace
Julia Montes
Julina Loose
Julissa Rivera
Kacie Lehr
The Merritt Family
Kaliyah Sneed
Kalli Bane
Kamryn Little
Sister is Ashley in teens
Kayla Resnick
Kennis Gordon
lost a front tooth
Khloe Lewis
In family division
Kora Cespedes
some discoloring and scarring on legs - check with Mom- can cover with makeup
LaNiya Ellington
Layla Mika
Leone Oberman
Brother is Paxton
Liesel Radityo
Liliana Gasperoni
Twin of Mila
Liv Bohanan
Lyla Garratt
Lynden Liu
Sister is Mallory
Mackenzie Maurer
Sibling - Powell family
Maddison Powell
Madeleine Han
Sister is Mackenzie
Mallory Maurer
MOVING TO ARIZONA END OF FEB- Sister is Layla they have a 5 year old brother
Marlee Mika
Maxine Black
Twin Sister is Nava Shaikh
Maya Shaikh
Meelaud Taylor
Dad is Carl Dorn
Mia Dorn
Sibling - Powell family
Mikinzi Powell
Twin of Liv
Mila Bohanan
No Duo
Mila Rae Crespo
Strict Covid regulated studios only or outside - Siblings Alina and Isabelle
Mireille Jean-Gilles
Brother Kaden
Morgan Kuhner
Has brother Mackson
Mylah Rae Hovan
Twin Sister is Maya Shaikh
Nava Shaikh
Naya Mosher
Nora Erdmann
Olivia Nunn
Olivia Reid
Orca Kamani
Paige Banifazl
Penelope Gold
Brother is Matteo
Penelope Pharms
brother is adrien
Presley Malhotra
Presley Nordby
In LA have family in Marin and can work as locals
Pria Joo
Remi Craig
Reya Johnson
Rhea Mallory
No Duo
Riley Redline
Riley St. Clair
Sister is Emy
Riley Liu
Twin is Harper
Rowan Pham
Rowan Lucey
Needs updated measurements
Ruby Rae Richardson
Twin of Sophia- Braces
Samantha Robinson
Saniya-Lei Buno
Sarah Jane Coan
Scarlett Armstrong
Shayla Reaney
Brother is Hunter
Skylar Arcenal
Sibling Baitinger family- niece Joniel
Skylar Baitinger
Lewis Family eldest Daughter-
Skyylar Lewis
Sofie Urosevic
Sophia Golomb
Sophia Rowe
Sophia Liu
Twin of Samantha- Braces
Sophia Robinson
Open to LA Opportunities
Sydney Shyh
Brother is Maxi- Dad Martin is a client
Tatiana Rossetti
Tatum Blumberg
Taya Dougherty
Valentina Acosta
Vasilisa Badeka
Sister is Ares
Zoe Villano
BRACES Siblings Connor and Colin
Zoe Edgerly
Zoe Robinson

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Languages and Accents
Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
Miscellaneous Skills and Attributes

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