New Faces - Women

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Alecia Harger
BO 7/4-7/8
Amanda McVey
Twins Sister- Back to black hair - has CA work permit
Anais Nguyen
Avery McCloughan
Bella Ivory
Independent studies- class Thursdays only
Blair Chapman
Brieya Moorberg
In Junior College
Camille Delany
LA- she is 18
Cecily Joyce
In town
Ellen Cate
in NY
Elvira Guerrero
Fia Swanson
In Santa Barbara for school
Isabella Karman
In town
Isabella De Francesca
Izzy Young
Jordan Westfall
Runs and Volleyball
Julia Bennett
Kate Borke
In Sac she is 18
Kylee Nielsen
She is 18- San DIego State in the fall
Kylie Kloezeman
LuLu Barron
Email manager and copy Mom
Marina Greenwood
check measurements
Mia Planchon
College in Rocklin- TATTOOS
Mia Agbayani
Morgan Ainsworth
In Kansas she is 18
Neelie Browne
In town for summer
Olivia Moore
Check schedule with College
Olivia Wynkoop
College in Santa Cruz
Rachel Heath
In Tahoe June 18-22
Rebecca Gann
Roya Manshouri
Class every Tuesday and Thursday
Sierra Cameron
She is 18
Sorelle Holsen
LA in college
Sydney Brown
Available also for LA projects
Tatum Crocker
Tiffany Guo
Not available Tuesdays and Thursdays
Trinity Woodward

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Languages and Accents
Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
Miscellaneous Skills and Attributes

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