New Faces - Women

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back and forth NYC
Amanda McVey
waiting on work permit- work permit expires 4/14/22
Asha Shears
In Texas she is 18
Ashley Ashworth
Ava Schiraga
Avery McCloughan
DANCER - 18 end of December
Avery Grant
Cecily Joyce
Claire Hart
Clara South-Carapetyan
Elizabeth Lilly
Non responsive do not submit
Ellen Cate
Flora Loose
Brother is Wesley
Grace Robinson
Grace Willford
Isa Locsin
Izzy Young
In town Full time student at CAL-
Jacqueline Ghosh
Julia Knights
In Houston- applying for work permit
Kendall Wyatt
Kira Sarria
In NY through end of November
Kylee Nielsen
V She is 18- So CAL for College
Kylie Kloezeman
NY in January Special projects only
Laura Ferrer
Layered long bob haircut waiting on digitals
Lina Shibley
Lindsey Regan
Back here for summer May 17th until August 16
LuLu Barron
V Email manager and copy Mom
Maisie McPeek
Marina Greenwood
Get 1st shot beginning of Nov
Mia Planchon
College in Rocklin- TATTOOS
Mia Agbayani
Morgan Ainsworth
Nadine Roose
Bob hair cut In Kansas she is 18
Neelie Browne
In Seattle- is 18-check options with MA
Paris Moss
College in Santa Cruz
Rachel Heath
IN TOWN Until Late AUGUST - OC for School
Rebecca Gann
East Coast for school
Sierra Cameron
In Town for Summer Until Aug 19 2021
Sorelle Holsen
v Available also for LA projects
Tatum Crocker

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Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
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