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on East Coast for family - will check in when she is back
Afi Ayanna
Alex Anders
Ali Wilder
Alison Aulakh
Broke Foot - Wearing a boot - Check first
Alysha Byrd
Hair is more like Longer Hair Images
Amanda Coronado
Ana Bayat
Angela Hesse
Ashanna Bri
Atessa McAleenan-Morrell
Bianca Cook
Brooke Walter
Camille Buchanan
Now available for fit
Carly Van Liere
Celine Rivera
Family also in Real Families Division
Chelsea Rose Delappe
Delisa Wood
Derek Yee
Devonric Johnson
Erika Loren Rodriguez
In town
Isabella De Francesca
Isabelle Ellingson
Jaclyn Lovey
Infiniti commercial Conflicts: Automobiles: Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Electric Vehicles, Minivans - MPU (21 months) starts 11/18/2015
Jan Kaspar
Jazz .
Joanna Cretella
Joshua Loseke
Leaves for college in utah 8/15
Julia Bennett
Julia Klein
Kat Gumabao
Keira Winingham
Kharissa Simms
Kiana Monique
Kiara Rodriguez
Has Crutches For Two Weeks, and recovering from Toe Surgery, Check First As of 8/25/20
Kimberly Olivier
Kristina Petrova
In Sac she is 18
Kylee Nielsen
Pregnant - Due October 2020
Lacey Escabar
Lisa Lindsley
Maurizio Bandi
Nabil Awad
Nic Pullin
Check schedule with College
Olivia Wynkoop
BO- back injury- Full time job- needs notice but is available
Patrick Devin
Rashida Clendening
Reyna Rodriguez
Richelle de Vera
Rosi Kimball
Roya Manshouri
In town
Sarah Gullixson
Sean Buizer
Shane Coopersmith
Sho Nakamori
She is 18
Sorelle Holsen
Bookout Sept. 16-26th and Oct 4-14th.
Stephanie Dorr
Teri Tonne
Veronica Castro Jarantilla

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