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Lives in LA-limited avail
Adrian Escarcega
Adrian Jimenez
check with class schedule
Alex Reis
Alexander Craig
Andrew Rogers
Ben Shaul
Billy Mann
Blake Pearson
Blue Stiley
Brandon Win
Brian Anastasio
Will work as local for multiple days
Britt Bradford
Bryan Theodore
Bryson Cooke
Caleb Nash Feemster
In town the week of 9/16
Cedrick Kern
Charles Orleans
Chris Charles
Chris Zuniga
Shaved- short hair cut
Chris West
Christopher Russell
In LA- Musician
Conner Snow
Dan Roll
David Volz
Demetrius Beauchamp
Devonric Johnson
Elliot Weber
Ethan Waikel
Francois Boulaire
Gavin Dunne
out of town 2/3 to 2/10 - NO DUO PROJECTS
Henry Trione
Hoyt Richards
Ian Mosby
Jake Jensen
Jason Scott
Jason McAlister
Jason Davis
John Henry
Jonathan Stoddard
Jonathan Fritz
Jude Swafford
Kevin Scott
Kurato Ono
Lee Schardt
Lee Pappas
Marlon Wilson
in LA
Mathieu Szymkowiak
Matthew Um
Maurizio Bandi
Miguel Vargas
Mitchell Bethea
check avail with manager
Nick Martinez
Booked Out Indefinitely-Working a Full time job
Patrick Devin
Paul Mason
Ramiro Sanchez
Reese Forbes
Rib Hillis
Ron Wright
Sam Anderson
Sam Tautua
Scott Dequine
Sean Buizer
Shane Coopersmith
Spencer Scott
TeraAb Feaster
Tim Granaderos
Troy Castaneda
Zokai Holmes

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Languages and Accents
Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
Miscellaneous Skills and Attributes

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