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Pregnant - Due July 2021
Alysha Byrd
Anoushka G
Ashanna Bri
Beth Nowak
Camille Buchanan
In town
Cate Hayman
Davie Cabral
Dena Shulruff
Elizabeth Simmons
Gianna Perez
Kat Gumabao
Keira Winingham
Kharissa Simms
Pregnant- Due 1st Week of August 2020
Laura Tomforde
Margarita Rodriguez
Bookout Sept. 16-26th and Oct 4-14th.
Stephanie Dorr
In LA - Bookouts Feb 27th-March 3rd for Cancun, March 25-29th in Atlanta and May 10-19th heading to Germany, Italy and Switzerland!
Vanessa Nicole

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Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
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